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AstraProtocol Official

Astra's mission is to equip all DeFi with a decentralized compliance layer, including KYC & AML capabilities, to act as a tool to resolve real-world compliance issues using the expertise of trusted legal firms. Announcements: @Astra_ProtocolAnnouncements

5965 0.87 0.85 0.01 04/2011


Passionate love pocket fm story

425 0.20 0.0 0.20 10/2012


bootstrap group


590 0.20 none none none


Mani - Astra pocket fm story

238 0.18 0.0 0.18 09/2012


Strapi (EN community)

Node.js framework

221 0.17 0.0 0.13 05/2009


Bootstrap Brasil

Grupo técnico sobre Twitter Bootstrap. Site oficial: Wikipedia: ❌ Sem off-topic. ❌ Sem propaganda. ❌ Sem ofensas ❌ Sem palavrões ❌ Sem xingamentos Muito obrigado pela sua presença. Parceiro @bulmabr @cssbr

1398 0.11 0.0 0.05 04/2007


Stake Pool Bootstrap Channel This group is about the Cardano Proof of Stake blockchain protocol, helping small pools to get started / bootstrap. This group has no connection to the Bootstrap CSS Framework.

250 0.11 0.0 0.08 12/2009


Кайтсерфинг без петель (strapless)

У нас про вейв райдинг и все вокруг него, вот ещё телеграм ресурсы которые могут быть интересны:

175 0.11 0.0 0.08 09/2010


html, css, javascript, php, react, angular, bootstrap

Get 100% tested free source code

393 0.10 0.0 0.07 01/2010



Funny, smart, or money. High signal to noise or ban. Bitcoin, Ethereum, HEX, cryptocurrency, altcoins, trading, etc.

4085 0.09 none none none

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