Spam in Telegram doesn't work! And what is Telegram brand awareness?

Discover the shift in Telegram marketing trends, moving away from ineffective spam tactics to precise audience targeting and modern tools. Learn how Teleteg's advanced features, including neural networks and ChatGPT integration, revolutionize how marketers identify and engage with potential clients on Telegram. Understand the decline of spam effectiveness and the rise of strategic, value-driven...

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Spam on Telegram has been known for a long time, with an entire industry built around it: Telegram scrapers to collect audiences from competitors' groups, selling accounts for sending direct messages and group invites. However, this stopped being effective about half a year ago as the market became oversaturated. Every teenager seems to have Telegram software for mass messaging or parsing. As a result, the quality of messaging has dropped dramatically, with teens conducting these campaigns at the price of a lunch, often without the necessary experience or understanding of how to target an audience or create an effective marketing strategy, and simply sending "hi" or a short offer with a link in the best-case scenario.

Redefining Telegram Marketing

Telegram users have learned to ignore spam, and the app has gotten better at identifying such messages. It's common now for a spam message to appear in your feed and then be immediately deleted automatically. So, investing in such advertising campaigns has become a waste of budget, and Telegram marketing has moved to a level where there's no room for spam. What has become effective now is the precise targeting of the audience and meeting their current needs. It's essential to target your audience with precision, considering their present interests and even anticipating what they might want next. To achieve this, the market has developed new tools like neural networks, and advanced marketing strategies that enable us to interact effectively with potential clients and accurately address their desires.

Telegram Spam Policies

Telegram’s commitment to maintaining a user-friendly and secure communication platform is evident in its strict policies against spam. The platform has implemented robust measures to identify and eliminate spam content, ensuring that users have a seamless and uninterrupted messaging experience. These policies are designed to protect users from unsolicited messages and potentially harmful content, thereby preserving the integrity of user interactions on the platform. Telegram’s anti-spam measures include automated systems that detect and block spammy behavior, as well as user-enabled features that allow individuals to report or block spam. This vigilant stance against spam not only enhances the overall user experience but also fosters a sense of trust and safety within the Telegram community, making it a preferred choice for those who value privacy and quality communication.

Advanced Telegram Analytics Tools
What tools are currently available to us in the market? The well-known ChatGPT – how can we utilize it in Telegram marketing? It enables us to analyze a user's wide range of interests, comprehend their current passions, and anticipate future ones.

Where can we access a list of a user's interests? The most cutting-edge OSINT tool in Telegram is Teleteg, which will help you in this task. It's not just the fastest and most comprehensive Telegram search engine currently available, but also an ultra-modern analytical tool for Telegram campaigns.

How can it help? It collects all existing Telegram groups over three years. It then gathers all users from these groups, analyzes through ChatGPT what these groups are about, the quality of these groups based on content and spam level, the language and trends within these groups, and assigns a rating to each group and user. Then, it compiles the interests and ratings and assigns this data to each user. Currently, the Teleteg database has amassed more than 2 million Telegram groups, over 3 million channels, and more than 300 million users whose range of interests, languages, and profiles of the groups they are currently in or have been associated with in the past are clearly defined.

Targeted Telegram Marketing Evolution
What does this give us? We can pinpoint users' current interests and create clusters of users who fall within the scope of our product or service, offering it only to those who are truly highly interested in it. Now consider how this could elevate your marketing campaign to a new level and how efficiently you could use your budget.

Of course, we steer clear of blatant spam and, certainly, scams. These practices are consigned to the periphery of the industry and are expected to vanish as they have on other platforms. Telegram is progressing to a new level and is intensifying its efforts to eradicate such nuisances. It's becoming an era for legitimate businesses to enter the Telegram sphere and for the enhancement of campaign quality on the platform. This evolution has signaled the arrival of novel marketing strategies that can be efficiently utilized by genuine businesses to generate quality leads.

One such strategy has arisen from the evolution of Telegram shilling and the automation of AMA (Ask Me Anything) campaigns for reputable projects on Telegram. This approach has proven to be a highly effective promotion tool in the past six months, seizing a significant portion of the marketing budget from older tools by proving itself as the sole 'clean' method for 'making noise' or 'spreading the word' in Telegram, or what the marketing world calls Telegram brand awareness.


Strategic Engagement in Telegram Groups
How does it work? This strategy involves a small team of skilled individuals, usually between 3 to 7, who initiate and engage in discussions within specifically chosen Telegram groups. These groups are where conversations related to our topic occur and where our target audience gathers.

The dialogue in the group is orchestrated based on a script you've ratified before its initiation, focused on the benefits of your hosting service. Here’s an example:

Andrew Jaws, asking: Hey guys, is anyone knows any good hosting provider that I can use to host my PBN without being detected buy Google, with 24 hours chat support and not too pricey? Appreciate if anyone can share. 

SEO gig, reply: Hi brother, from my own experience, the best way to host PBN, is on each and separate hosting, for worldwide. Although there is Verpex that I have found, that is both price consuming, and allows you to host in different countries, but under one roof which is really time consuming.

3rd Member: reply: Yep, agree with that, one of the best novadays regarding the price and quality for SEO needs. 

Andrew Jaws, reply: Appreciate that brother, that is really helpful! Spend days looking for something like it.
SEO gig, replay: no worries! Any time.)

4rd Member, next day. That's good that they have datacenters in over 10 countries. So you can get the juces from all over the world, and keep you profile widely spread. Cool stuff.

5th Membrer, reply: first purchase is 50% off, loving it. ))
+ Reaction. From the SEO gig.

Examlpe of Telegram brand awareness conaversation:

Effective Telegram Campaign Planning and Execution

The basic campaign is conducted over 15 days, targeting 100-200 top groups within your niche. This approach engages the maximum number of active and interested users in your product, incentivizing them to transition to purchase. At present, unlike direct advertising which is less and less effective, indirect advertising is increasingly trusted because of the value of expert opinion and converts several times better due to its authenticity, without pressuring the customer. Moreover, the built trust in the brand leads customers to recommend your service to friends and colleagues, thus creating a positive image for you.

How to begin?
1. Register on, and you will start receiving 30 free credits daily, which will allow you to explore the basic features of the search engine. To prepare your campaign independently, you will need to purchase one of the basic packages, which will unlock capabilities for a deeper search within your niche and assemble a database for your campaign launch.

2. Compile a list of groups that are relevant to your theme. Perform a manual analysis of the collected base. This will help you understand your market and audience demand. Filter out random groups that made it into your list through your nominal keywords. Identify jargon words used in the description of irrelevant groups. Refine your list to yield the top groups in your niche and know your supplementary keys and stop-words.

3. Once you know your market, your keywords, and stop-words, you can compile a comprehensive list of Telegram groups in your niche without misallocating your budget. Acquire one of the expanded plans, which includes advanced filters that enable you to precisely sort the list by language, stop-words, keywords, and the number of users per group.

Advanced Filtering
For more advanced users, there are group rating filters, creation date filters, and a special filter to count how many users are online. This helps you focus on active users interested in your niche for the most effective message distribution.

4. Now that you understand your market and know what your audience truly wants and what bothers them, you can use these insights in your sales pitch to precisely meet their needs, turning them into satisfied customers. Use your lists of groups and users for successful advertising campaigns. These lists can be created using the same method — just select the user, group, channel, and admin search options available.

Tailored Support for Your Telegram Marketing Needs
If you're busy or prefer to delegate, our team is ready to help. Contact our sales manager if your project is ethical and you're ready to start with at least a $500 budget. Please send us your project's link, a brief description of how it stands out in your niche, your budget, and when you'd like to start your campaign. We ask that you contact us only after reading this article thoroughly and if you meet the requirements mentioned.

But if you'd rather master the tools and run your own quality ad campaign, go through our additional materials to learn about extra filters and functions to choose the right plan for you. We cater to everyone, including beginners and business owners who want to promote their brand on Telegram, regardless of budget size. We've even thought of those without a budget, offering a flexible discount system and a referral program that lets you start promoting without spending money. Sign up to receive 30 free daily searches and test the platform's usability, and stay tuned for new features and alerts from us. 

With best regards, The Teleteg Team.

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